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  • Stamina Rx finished 5th in our Top 5 Pills List due to its reasonably effective formula and its mass availibility, still not the most effective we've seen though it has sold over 100 Million tablets which after zyrexin, extenze, and enzyte is the highest amount of any product we have reviewed.. Read their write up in our "Pill Ratings Section" for more information.

    cool sounds like zyrexin might be ok. have also seen lots of positive posts for semenax, & sounds like t might maybe like, enhances this or something.

  • Male enhancement products of different forms are all claiming that they can help in achieving this and getting that but at the end of the day, it is still a big must that you make use of all available resources in order for you to know if the things that a product states are real or purely hype and excessive advertising. Although Zyrexin might seem to be a good enough product, you can still deny that this is not a perfect product and all the precaution should be observed in order to ensure that you will not be posing your health to graver consequences in the future. Before you use Zyrexin or any product for that matter, make sure that you already know all essential facts about it.

    Zyrexin has claimed to be the strongest in the world but you should keep in mind that there is still no definite clinical information that has been presented to back up this claim.

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    Zyrexin can produce firmer, harder and longer lasting erections than any other male enhancement pill on the market today. Zyrexin will work the very first time you take it, giving you a dramatic increase in desire, arousal and sexual performance that can be matched by no other. Simply take 2 Zyrexin on an empty stomach and you will feel the results in less than 60 minutes. Not only does Zyrexin work quickly, it stays in your system for 24 hours so you can have sex on your terms. Recovery time is much faster with Zyrexin so not only can you have sex when you want, but you can have multiple encounters. Zyrexin is also very helpful in lengthening the duration of sexual experiences, allowing men who have rapid or early ejaculation to enjoy themselves and the experience without having to worry about it being over too soon. Order Zyrexin today.

  • Calvin, 70 - Yes my name is Calvin, and I am 70 years old. I’m single. I tried Zyrexin, got the ad out of the paper, tried it, got my free samples, and they work great. It didn’t erase all the years, but it did feel like I was back about 30 years old. My girlfriend likes it too, she said if nothing else that I’ll buy the pills for you you just keep on taking them. So they are great , they’re fantastic, they’re wonderful, gonna have to get a pipeline to my mailbox where I can get a steady supply of the pills. Thank You.

    Zyrexin works for some of us. I found eating food once u start feeling the effects levels u off. As for effectiveness I give it a 8 with one pill and a 10+ if u take two in that day( not at the same time) one early then another 1 hr before play time. Remember food curves the side effects of headache and nausea.

Zyrexin - Male Enhancement Reviews

The majority of complaints have to do with Superbalife’s failure to honor their money-back guarantee. While products like Zyrexin are supposedly covered under an “iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee,” most customers never seem to see their money again.