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  • Cosatu and the SACP said that they viewed the latest Zuma painting as being a product of tribalism, warning that such an “attack” on Zuma and the ANC is seen as “spitting on all efforts on reconciliation” in the country.

    So after all this back and forth wrangling over the right of an artist to show someones penis was discussed at a party I was at recently, it was brought to my attention that there is another Zuma penis painting by Ayanda Mabulu that has not had the misfortune of being hauled through the courts.

  • A friend told me this morning that there was a painting depicting Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada nude. Ok now here’s the funny part when you compare it to the Zuma painting and situation. The only problem that people had about Stephen Harpers nude painting is that they didn’t like the dog at his feet because everyone know he’s a cat person. Funny how other countries handle these type of things.

    The court judge had said banning the artwork from the gallery will not work as photographs of the Zuma painting, complete with exposed genitals, have now flooded the internet.

    Jacob Zuma painting vandalised in South Africa gallery
    From: BBC          Published On: August 22, 2012, 12:42 GMT
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  • Yesterday much of the discussion around the country centred on Jacob Zuma and painting, where he was becoming well acquainted with Atul Gupta’s rear end.

Zuma painting pulled from art fair - eNCA

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