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  • The Paderno zucchini corer allows you to quickly prepare squash, zucchini, and many other fruits and vegetables. The sharp, curved blade allows you to quickly piece the fruit, and the serrated edge removes the core with ease and precision.

    The zucchini corer is very simple to use. Slice the tip off of a zucchini and hold in one hand. Center the tip of the corer over the zucchini flesh and apply gentle pressure to pierce the zucchini. Begin pushing down and twisting the corer along the sides of the zucchini. Stop short of the bottom to avoid piercing through.

  • The professional quality stainless steel construction sets the Paderno World Cuisine zucchini corer apart from the rest. No plastic handle to break, just 100% solid steel from tip to handle.

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    Paderno World Cuisine Zucchini Corer (Set of 3)

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    The Paderno World Cuisine zucchini corer allows for easy coring of numerous fresh fruits and vegetables. At 9 1/2" long, the corer is the appropriate size for coring zucchini and squash. The blade is curved with a slightly beveled tip that is perfect for piercing zucchini.

Better Houseware Zucchini Corer

This recipe is from the middle eastern cookbook by Tes Mallos. My husband is Palestinian and I have been making this for guests for quite a while, even my kids love it! This is the best recipe I have tried for zucchini or "kousa". It does take time and you will need a zucchini corer (mine was a gift from MIL). If you use an apple corer you will have to cut the zucchini into smaller segments. But this is a really wonderful dish, you could also substitute some of the zucchini for small eggplant, as this is traditionally cooked all together with both, but I like zucchini best.