How to Keep Your Facebook Photo Album Private

If you don't want to create your own photo album, you can find free, pre-made photo album templates on .

Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album, Sky Blue

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    Our unique book creation tool provides elegant layout and design options to help you create your custom photo album. The beauty is in the detail – a silk lift-out ribbon to help you take care when handling your photo album, and a MILK button with woven tie closure or CREAM linen protective bag to keep your memories safe for a lifetime.

  • Have you ever thought “I REALLY need to do something with my photos!”? Now’s the time! Once you make your own photo book album and hold the finished product in your hands, you’ll want to repeat the feeling! You’ll feel like an author and publisher!

    To add a text box (which provides spacing between your photo album pictures), under Pictures in album, click the picture that you want to add a text box, and then click New Text Box.

  • To select a theme for your photo album, under Album Layout, next to Theme, click Browse, and then in the Choose Theme dialog box, locate the theme that you want to use.

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Skilled wedding shot albums are designed from high quality materials. The challenging but lovely satin include is chosen because the device is durable and may last for quite some time but also since the device offers outstanding photo making standards. The pages of your photo album are produce of ivory colored Italian 230gsm cardstock and there is parchment muscle interleaves that provides the album an old-fashioned look and also help take care of photos by scratching along with rubbing against the other person.