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Wound Care Dressing Packs

Burn-FIX- 8 Pack- Burn Care Treatment & First Aid Hydrogel Burn Dressing. Immediate Pain Relief Gel/Cream For First & Second Degree Burns, Chemical Burns, Electrical Burns, Grease Burns, Razor Burns and Sunburns. For First Aid Kits At Home, Boat, Camp, Hike and All EMS/RESCUE. 100% GUARANTEE!

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  • Wound Care Packs provide a selection of products forcleaning and preparing minor wounds prior to dressing. Each pack is sealed and sterile to ensure thatyou can be confident that when needed each of the items in the pack is sterileand ready to use meaning that hygiene can be maintained.

    MidMeds has a large range of high quality woundcare dressing packs. Products include cleansing, dressing, skin biopsy, procedure and basic woundcare packs in a selection of sizes.

    • Plasters
      • Washproof Plasters
      • Fabric Plasters
      • Blue Detectable Plasters
      • Cederroth Plasters & Dispensers
      • Plaster Kits
    • Wound Dressings
      • First Aid Dressings
      • Eye Pads & Dressings
      • Adhesive Dressings
      • Non-Adhesive Dressings
      • Finger Dressings
      • Wound Closure Strips
      • Skin Glue & Spray On Dressings
      • Waterproof Dressings
      • Trauma & Ambulance Dressings
      • Blister Dressings
    • Wound Cleansing
      • Moist Wipes & Skin Prep Wipes
      • Antiseptic Wipes, Creams & Sprays
      • Wound Care Packs
      • Cotton Wool
      • First Aid Swabs
    • Tapes & Strapping
      • Microporous Tapes
      • Waterproof Strapping
      • Fabric Strapping
      • Transparent Tapes
      • Dressing Retention Tapes
    • Bandages
      • Crepe Bandages
      • Conforming Bandages
      • Cohesive Bandages
      • Open Wove Bandages
      • Plaster of Paris
    • Supports
      • Tubular Support Bandages
      • Wrist Supports
      • Ankle Supports
      • Knee Supports
      • Elbow Supports
    • Snogg

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