Walmart family mobile is owned by Walmart. Please check your facts.

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Walmart Family Mobile LG G Stylo LS770 Hot Pink Hybrid Cover Case with Kickstand + Screen Protector

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  • “Walmart Family Mobile makes it more affordable to build meaningful relationships with family and friends so that even when budgets are limited, time spent communicating with loved ones isn’t,” said Greg Hall, vice president of merchandising, Walmart U.S. “This plan provides families with the flexibility to connect with each other without surprise charges and with the added benefit of one of the most trusted wireless network providers.”

    “Walmart is known for great value and we’re pleased to offer our robust network of nationwide coverage for Walmart Family Mobile,” said Jim Alling, Chief Operations Officer, T-Mobile USA. “This new service is an innovative approach, offering post-paid customers a low-cost alternative for unlimited voice, messaging, web and inexpensive international calling.”

  • So when this one came along I thought we had better investigate. Walmart love them or hate them are going all out to take a hit of the mobile cell phone industry; and they do it well. Unlike Straight Talk Walmart Family mobile offers high end phones and smart phones as well as the basic phones that are still in some demand. So immediately it stands out as a winner from the point of view that there trend is steeply heading towards Smart phones.

    The $100 in bill credits will be distributed over 5-months in $20 increments for every Walmart Family Mobile smartphone activated on new or existing accounts. Complete details have not arrived in the store by me, but the promotion begins November 5th. I was told existing customers should receive a text message regarding the promotion in the next few days which will let them know about the deal.

    With one of the inexpensive unlimited plans in the market, Walmart Family Mobile is one of the best no contract smartphone providers who allow GSM Android phones. Selection is limited, but with a simple bring your own phone program, combined with a family plan discount for multiple lines, Walmart Family Mobile is a great choice if you don't mind being limited to T-Mobile networks.

  • Check out your local Walmart for this killer deal and let us know below about your experience with this promotion and with Walmart Family Mobile.

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A big advantage to joining Walmart Family Mobile is that you can bring your own phone. But not all phones will work with the service, you need to have a GSM network phone like the ones used by T-Mobile and AT&T. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA technology so they will probably not be compatible. If you want to learn more about the difference between GSM and CDMA, does a good job of explaining it.