2. How do I know whether my computer has a voice modem or not?

10. Can I use an external voice modem?

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  • 1). Click on the Windows Start button, then select Control Panel.
    2). Click on the Phone and Modem Options, then select the Modem tab.
    3). If you have installed the Voicent 3025 or Zoom 3025c, you should see Zoom V.92 PCI Voice Faxmodem listed. Voicent modem shares the same driver as Zoom modems.
    4). Click the Properties button, then select the Driver Tab.
    5). The driver provider should be Zoom Telephonics, Inc

    A voice modem is a hardware device capable of playing and recording audio over a telephone line. It is used to connect your computer to an analog telephone line. A voice modem is usually identified as a Data/Fax/Voice modem.

  • EzVoice utilizes your dialup modem as a voice telephone device to pick up phone calls for you. Therefore, it does not affect any of your existing communication connections. You just replace your telephone device with a computer installed with a voice modem.

    Full duplex means you can talk and hear at the same time. Many 'voice' modemswhen used on voice calls will provide only half-duplex functionality: at anyinstant, you can either be talking or listening. The quality of the audioproduced using a voice modem is often a problem.

     Recommended Modems

    EzVoice will work with virtually all voice enabled modems. A voice modem is just a normal dialup modem, which in addition to its data/fax capabilities, also supports voice. Before purchasing a modem, please make sure to check the answering machine and voice capabilities with your vendor.

    To correctly install a voice modem, two steps are required. First, the modem setup program will install the driver files for data and fax communication. Second, it will set up a wave audio device. Missing the second step will still allow you to surf the internet correctly, but you will not be able to answer voice phone calls.

    If you find problems with your current modem driver and need to re-install it, be sure to remove these driver files completely. You can do so by using Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel

    The followings are recommended low-price voice modems. Click on the picture of a modem, you will find more info.


    Advanced Phone Recorder
    Voice modems

    Voice modem chipset makers include in the driver or firmware code tointerface to the wave device, but do not develop the software that providesvoice functionality. The modem makers generally bundle "compatible" third-party voice modem software. Some voice modemsoftware offerings: , , and . Microsoft Windows provides TAPI (a telephony application programinterface) and a Unimodem service provider (driver). The Microsoft-providedUnimodem driver uses your modem driver (.inf file) to support TAPI-compliantapplications and your modem.

Recommended Voice Modems (Specific Models)

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