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  • What is Component Video? Component Video is also a video format like S-Video but it has the color information separated into two channels, whereas s-video has the color information on one channel. The quality difference between S-Video and Composite video is significant to the extent that it is very noticeable when you compare two TVs, one with s-video and one with composite video. When you make the comparison between Component Video and S-Video, the difference is not that noticeable and most people will not be able to tell the difference, unless you point it out to them. There is a lot of hype about Component Video but the reality is that it is not that great. You should be very happy with an s-video signal or even if you have to convert s-video to composite video.

    This adapter is designed to convert S-video signals to composite video. And it has proven to work well on this. This circuit cannot solve other possible incompatibility issues that you might have. A typical problem that causes black and white video instead of color is incomatible video standards on the signal source and the receiver. If your video signal source (for example PC video card TV output) puts out NTSC video but your TV is designed to handle only PAL standard you get usually black and white image, and with some devices video signal does not sync at all. PAL signal to NTSC TV does not work either. One very common problem with computers that have TV putput is that the default output video standard is not right for your TV. If you get problems with computer TV output, configure your video output to right standard that your TV supports and try again. The exact details how o do this configuration varies between different computers and graphics cards. Consult your computer user's manual and other documentation for exact details.

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