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Ticket To Ride

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  • The Maine Arts Commission respectfully requests that Ticket to Ride funds not be used to replace existing transportation funds in school budgets but rather to supplement them when necessary. Schools are welcome to use Ticket to Ride funds in combination with transportation funds that may be available from individual Maine arts based venues and events.

    After an amazing February event! Our March event will feature the game TICKET TO RIDE! We will also have our other games in our game vault to play such as the indie card game
    Resistance, Candy Land, Settlers of Catan, Jenga and more! Doors open at 7pm!

  • Five years ago, my family left all our possessions in a shed at the other end of the world and arrived at an inner-city apartment with nothing but some clothes. Needless to say, for quite a while family friendly entertainment was hard to come by. One of the saving graces was the gift of a board game: Ticket to Ride. The game has become a family staple—it's challenging but not unwinnable for the older children, and entertaining for the adults.

    Ticket to Ride is designed for ease of administration; school personnel need only download and complete a two-page document to be eligible for funding. The only other requirement is the submission of follow-up documentation that includes teacher feedback and student work samples of the experience. This final report helps the Maine Arts Commission secure funding to continue the Ticket to Ride program.

    Ticket to Ride
    Designer(s) Alan R. Moon
    Illustrator(s) Julien Delval, Cyrille Daujean
    Publisher(s) Days of Wonder (2004)
    Language(s) English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Czech, Swedish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Greek
    Players 2–5
    Age range 6+
    Setup time <5>
    Playing time 1-2 Hours
    Random chance Moderate
    Skill(s) required Strategy

  • For those of you not familiar with the game, here's a quick recap. Ticket to Ride is a railway track-building game, where you collect cards that allow you to lay track between cities on a map—there are regionalized versions, but I have only played the North American version. For each card that you play, you get differing points depending on the length of the track. The twist that makes it work is the route cards: each player has certain pairs of cities that they must connect. Do so and you obtain extra points, failure results in those points being subtracted from your final score.

ticket to ride 10th anniversary

With the USA 1910 Tickets included in your Ticket to Ride Anniversary Edition, you can discover four ways to play Ticket to Ride: Classic, USA 1910, Big Cities, and Mega Game.