Ginny's Low Carb Kitchen: THIN CRUST PIZZA CRUST - must try this!

mini mozzarella balls, thin pizza crust, cherry tomatoes, white wine vinegar and

Golden Home Ultra Thin 16g Protein Pizza Crust, 3 crusts

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  • These Ultra Thin Pizza crusts are fantastic !!
    No fuss and no mess. Much better than other thicker store bought brands, which sometimes taste like cardboard, and overpower the flavors of the other ingredients. These crusts have a long shelf life and come in convienent re-sealable air tight packaging. -- No need to refrigerate them. Two different sizes available -- 7" and 12" I always have both sizes on the shelf, ready and available.

    Jeff Mac

    I’m terrified of yeast. My bread has a hard time rising for some reason, and pizza dough freaks me out. I’m always afraid I’ll mess it up completely. Rhodes rolls are my go-to bread, but I haven’t been able to turn those into a thin pizza crust that is worthy of posting… yet…

  • Our 100% Whole Grain Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts are a good source of fiber, which helps prevent obesity, reduces blood & cholesterol levels, and maintains blood sugar levels and weight.

    Last night I got the chance to making the Ultra Thin Pizza crust for dinner. It came out ‘delizioso’ – followed the recipe, the dough is easy to handle, keeping in mind not to put too much toppings. Made it by hand. Used parchment paper on the peel to transfer the pizza to the pre-heated oven. Family loves it, adding this recipe to my pizza crust collections. Thank you for the great recipe. Ohhhh….you gals/guys rock at King Arthur……

    Fat CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatDietary FiberSodium
    12" Ultra Thin Pizza Crust   15 1.5g 0.0g 1g 85mg
    12" 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust   15 1.5g 0.0g 4g 80mg
    7" Ultra Thin Pizza Crust   15 2g 0.5g 1g 100mg
    7" 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust   20 2g 0.0g 5g 95mg
    7" 16g Protein Ultra Thin Crust   10 1g 0.0g 1g 260mg

  • Oh my wow!! I love cracker thin pizza crust, so I am totally bookmarking this. Best of all, it sounds pretty easy. Can't wait until pizza night!

Thin Crust Pizza Crust | 12-Inch Thin Pizza Crust | Boboli

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