Tips for Replacing a Motherboard in Computer Tower

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  • The major components housed by the computer towers include the motherboards, the ATX, the power supply units, the drive bays, the LEDs and buttons, and the vents. The mother boards are always screwed onto the largest surface of the computer towers. This is due to the fact that the mother boards are very large components and they are the ones that determine the size and the shape of the computer towers. The motherboards are therefore either screwed to the side or the casing or the bottom of it depending on its form. The ATX on the other hand provide the users of the computers with the opportunity to expand the functionality of the computer by providing for expansion slots which could be used to insert expansion cards for additional functionalities.

    The shape of the typical computer tower is rectangular, and more generic versions will usually come in beige or black. This, however, has become less common as many more options are available for a more unique look, and shoppers can now buy a computer in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Of course, the larger a tower is, the more components a user will be able to fit inside. In a practice known as case modding, some people even customize their machine so that it is completely unique. A tower that has been modified in this fashion can have any number of lights, fans, artwork, see-through walls, internal cooling systems, or other unique attributes that are limited only by the owner’s imagination.

  • This solidly crafted CPU box will protect and provide a tidy storage for the computer tower. Made to match and suit our commercial range. It also has an open rear for ventilation and easy access to the ports.

    There are several computer components that can be commonly found in the tower of a home or office computer: the , , , and any optical drives or floppy drives, as well as other parts. The locations of these components within the computer tower is usually dependent upon the size or shape of the tower itself, but they are also typically found in the same places in most computers for the sake of convenience. For example, the CD, or floppy drives can usually be found in the front for easy access, while the power supply is usually located in the back to keep the cords out of the way.

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