They watched it for some time, and then returned to their tent.

In truth, the camel—ever a provocative beast—has pushed into the tent rump-first.

Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent

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  • TAG : They watched it for some time, and then returned to their tent.
  • Wall tent frame set-up. If your wall tent does not have a sewn-in floor, simply set up the roof portion of the frame, drape your Wall Tent over the roof and then, from the inside, attach your wall poles, flipping the sod cloth to the inside or outside as desired. If your Wall Tent is equipped with a sewn-in floor, all frame set up must be done from inside the Wall Tent. As with the floorless Wall Tent, set up the roof portion first and then attach the wall poles. Once again, we strongly recommend that you order a back door for any Wall Tent with a sewn-in floor.

    The longest piece on standard wall tent frames is 5 feet. If you will be packing your wall tent and frame to your camp site on a horse, mule or ATV, you might be better served by a pack frame. The longest piece on pack frame is 40”. This same freestanding wall tent frame design is also available for your cook shack and porch in both standard and pack frame styles. All Montana Canvas wall tent frames are shipped in their own vinyl storage bag.

    The design of the Montana Canvas internal, freestanding provides excellent structural integrity, while allowing maximum open space within the wall tent. It also drastically reduces the set-up time and enables one person to do the job alone. All frame poles are constructed of rugged, lightweight, hardened aircraft aluminum, while the joint brackets are made of galvanized steel.

    If you have outgrown your wall tent or just crave more space for organization and privacy, the makes an excellent addition. Made to the width of your current Wall Tent, the Montana Canvas wall tent porch instantly adds 10 feet of space onto the front of your Wall Tent. This space can be used for eating, storage or as a mudroom. The porch is available in Canvas, Relite or Montana Blend and designed with a screened front. The porch is connected to your wall tent by a flap of material from the porch that lies over the Wall Tent roof and is secured with ropes and stakes at the eave. Porch frames are of the same internal, freestanding design as the wall tent frame.

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    To help you organize your Wall Tent andtake care of your expensiveequipment, Montana Canvas offers gun and bow racks for your wall tents. Gun racks can either be sewn-in or detachable. Sewn-in racks can be sewn onto the inside or the outside of the Wall Tent. The detachable gun rack is ideal for Wall Tents with an internal frame, because it can be attached to the frame itself. The gun rack will hold up to six rifles securely against the tent wall. The bow rack can accommodate up to three bows and is only available in the detachable style, therefore requiring an internal frame.

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