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With 3 cats, a dog and a baby I could really use a swiffer to keep my floors clean!

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloth Refills, 48 Count

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  • Swiffer does also make a telescoping duster that bends in half to allow it to be able to get hard to reach places like ceiling fans and the top of dressers.

    I would love to win! I have 4 kids under the age of 7 so there is lots of cleaning going on around here! Thanks for the chance to win! Oh and I like swifter on Facebook.

  • I think the Swiffer is one of the most awesome inventions ever. It’s like magic on a stick. When I take my Swiffer out to use it at the end of my daycare day, the toddlers will line up and wait for a turn to use it. Sometimes, there isn’t anything left for them to pick up but they don’t care. It’s the idea of pushing it along the floor. The Swiffer is cool and all, but lining up to get a turn to use it? I just don’t get it.

    Dusting and cleaning doesn’t have to be a back-breaking, day-long chore. Swiffer WetJet refills for your Swiffer WetJet give you the ability to quickly and easily dust and clean without leaving annoying, dirty streaks.

    Product Information Head Material : Fiber Handle Type : Plastic
    Color : White Package Contents : 10 Refills
    Features : Soft, fluffy, disposable dusters with fibers that grab dirt and lock it away. Short, flexible, plastic handle for added reach. Handle Color : Blue
    Application/Usage : Dusting
    Miscellaneous Brand : Swiffer
    Weight Weight : 0.55 lbs. per Each

  • brand name Swiffer
    broom material cotton
    manufacturer Procter & Gamble
    broom width not available from manufacturer
    handle color silver
    handle diameter 15/16 inch
    handle material Metal

    With a dog who sheds constantly and a baby who is almost crawling, a clean floor is a must! The swifter would definitely help to keep my floors clean for my little girl!

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Refills with Gain

The Swiffer requires the continual purchase of toxic chemical sheets that wind up in landfill – hardly a sustainable design solution. Certainly, the Swiffer has created a financially sustainable model for P&G, and people claim to “love” their Swiffers. (Including our friends and family – we’ve been getting into some pretty heated Swiffer debates at home). The success of the Swiffer has opened up an opportunity for true eco-innovation – has re-envisioned a floor-cleaning mop with . Which is more important – creating a design that people love, or one that does no harm?