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Island Scallops has 45 open top, rolled lip, stainless steel totes for sale.

Under Armour Big Wordmark Tote, Steel (035), One Size

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  • Make lifting and shifting materials easy with the . It prevents on the job injuries, keeping your employees safe. Corrugated steel totes are great for the storage and transport of heavier products. If the storage is lighter, the plastic totes will work well.

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  • The 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, Allegro 3D biocontainer systems are designed to be installed in purpose-built 200 L, 500 L, 1000 L , Allegro stainless steel totes. The combination of the Allegro 3D biocontainers and totes will ensure that your 3D systems get the maximum benefits from the improved design.

    Our heavy duty Tote Toolboxes are available two ways: aluminum tote toolboxes are constructed of high polished aluminum, and steel tote toolboxes are powder coated for durability and assured good looks. All joints on all boxes are fully seam welded for maximum strength and durability. Other features include a stainless steel pad-lockable draw link latch or a key lockable type latch (we'll install the one that best fits your needs), fully gasketed sealed lid for dependable weather tightness, full length aluminum continuous hinge, all stainless steel fasteners, and a comfortable easy-to-grab rubber nylon carrying handle.

    IBC spill pallets Steel tote stand

    Item Description Pall Part Number
    200 L Stainless steel Trolley* LGRTRL200L
    200 L Stainless steel Tote* LGRTTE200L
    500 L Stainless steel Trolley LGRTRL500L
    500 L Stainless steel Tote LGRTTE500L
    1000 L Stainless steel Tote LGRTTE1000L
    1500 L Stainless steel Tote LGRTTE1500L
    2000 L and 3000 L Stainless Steel Base Stand LGR3000STAND
    2000 L and 3000 L Stainless Steel Base Module LGR3000BASE
    2000 L and 3000 L Stainless Steel Extension Module LGR3000EXT
    2000 L and 3000 L Stainless Steel Lifting Hoist LGR3000HOIST

    The tote agitator enables portable quality control for your product. Originally designed for the automotive industry the ITM tote agitator is increasingly applied in new industries to increase quality control and economies of scale. Tote agitators can be used when batches are too small for processing in a large steel tank. ITM tote agitator designs for steel totes can be designed to make small batch processing possible.

Stainless Steel IBC Totes - 550 Gallon - DENIOS ..

Used stacking steel tote boxes are perfect for moving heavy duty parts around your manufacturing plant or warehouse. They are stackable saving you space and money. These heavy-duty, industrial containers are durable and tough. Corrugated steel containers can easily be converted to mobile containers by . We offer 24 hour shipping for all in-stock product.