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  • Software For Diabetics: In the past, patients with diabetes put all their data in individual journals. The patients then referred to their journals if they wanted to arrive at a way to make sense of that data. The goal of diabetic software is not the elimination of journals. The goal of those who develop diabetic software is the better management of accumulated data.

    Some of the software for diabetes comes in a box. Other software can be downloaded from various websites. This article will take a look at both types of software. It will seek to help diabetics contact the group or person that can furnish them with such software.

  • Elardo DiabetesProfiler is a software program for mobile diabetes management (Palm + Windows) for recording, storing, and analyzing data. Record your blood sugar, weight, pulse, insulin intake, meals, exercise, and notes. You can customise the Elardo DiabetesProfiler according to your individual needs. In addition, you can save the address of your physician and your next appointment — and be reminded of your appointment using the calendar function. Compile reports and watch your development in a graph (table, line chart, modal day, pie chart, statistics) on your PDA. Exporting data is simple and quick. File your data on your PC and generate complete reports for your physician with the included Windows program. You can download a trial version at . The regular version is $19.95 and requires a PDA with Palm OS 3.5 or later. The URL is

Diabetes Works for Windows has gained popularity among diabetics