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  • Amazon Online Shopping for Electronics Apparel, Amazon already explores their online business thought the globe with amazon coupons to implement great discounts. Amazon has many electronic departments like TV and video, car electronics, wireless technology, Computer accessories and peripherals, printers, smart HDTVs, home theaters, etc. Better buy together to grasp highly discounts on entire order. It is the endless way to make online shopping for electronics apparels with countless discounts.

    What really struck me during my time at this new store was the commitment this Canadian Company has to provide us, the consumer, with alternatives in shopping for electronics, and all the many other products they carry (e.g. mattresses, r/c cars, luggage, etc.). Of course we here at COG have focused on the electronics and media end of things given that our audience is into gaming, movies, and all that is related to it (e.g. TVs, Receivers, etc.). I think this is a really neat direction that Future Shop is taking. At this time the new store is not a change in their overall strategy, but it is a new style of store that allows them to enter into markets they have not gone into before, and in our case here in British Columbia, that new area is North Vancouver.

  • One of the best places in the world to buy electronics and computer goods, the SEG computer market is packed with eight floors of small, independent dealers of both software and hardware for computers. Said to be the largest collection of electronic retailers in Asia, you will find everything here from cutting edge microchips to Chinese own brand tablets and phones. Like elsewhere in Shenzhen, rip offs and cheating is rife. But if you know your technology inside out and how much prices should be then it is a good place to bag a bargain. Just remember that there are no refunds and the warranty probably won't apply in you home country. For a full guide to shopping for electronics in Shenzhen click the link above. Huaqiang Bei Lu

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