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Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount Magnetic Dash Mount for Mobile Devices

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  • Ray,
    I tried placing the Scosche on my upper arm instead and it was no better, maybe worse. The unit works great for running, fine for uphill cycling, mostly fine for flat riding, but is useless descending the hills of Colorado, at least for me. Again, I really would like this to work as I’m not wild about the chest strap. Any other ideas? Anyone else having problems on fast, steep, chip seal descents?

    For swimming HR I use a Garmin FR60 worn next to the Scosche Rhythm. I’m also experimenting with an old Sony Xperia Pro (has ANT+) in a waterproof pack worn next to the Scosche Rhythm to replace the FR60 but so far haven’t found a good enough way to do that.

  • Just as much as the reviews, I really appreciate you following up in the comments. You helped narrow my choices (for optical heart rate monitor) to this or the Mio (instead of another watch). The heart rate lights seem pretty cool on the Mio but I’m thinking that I’ll find the Scosche more comfortable.

    Thanks, i bought it last week in eBay, shipes crime USA to France. I sent a mail to scosche support, because I bought this product for ANT+ and it seems to not work. That’s why I wish I must not to ship it in UsA for an exchange.

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    Scosche even has an android app. Could easily be updated to allow for updates ala TT. Scosche isn’t really known for great products and customer service. Much of their consumer product line is filled with cheap accessories, though I do like their liitle cylinder BT speaker. So this would be a nice way to boost their credibility a bit.

Scosche Dash Kit for mounting an aftermarket radio

Does anybody know if Scosche are shipping units with the updated firmware now ? (I’ve just read through all of these comments and can’t see the answer to this). Sorry Ray, wanted to order through CT but shipping is too much to France and amazon don’t sell them yet.