Saltwater Systems for saltwater pools come in two basic types:

I was wanting some more info on the saltwater pool half inground pool.

Intex 120V Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669 with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for Above Ground Pools

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  • Saltwater pool will be a great idea for you. Ever since its birth in Australia, the idea of saltwater pool has been astonishing in so many way. However, something in a saltwater pool is not actually groundbreaking in a way.

    Going with saltwater can save pool owners money over time since the need to keep adding chlorine throughout the swimming season isn’t there. Typically the salt content in a saltwater pool is about equal to the natural salt content in the human body. Because of this, saltwater is considered to be very gentle to your skin and hair. It’s also gentler to your swimming garments than liquid chlorine is.

  • The second thought is oxidation. It is a necessary process to burn up organic contaminants, such as perspiration, urine, body oil, and sunscreen, in the pool water. A saltwater pool, on the other hand, provides the sanitation purpose only. The alternative oxidizer solution is installing an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. They say a pool with saltwater is more eco-friendly, though.

    In reality, the pool has been more popular for the last five years – you can find a saltwater pool in a luxury hotel or the backyard of an American house. Unlike a traditional chlorine pool, which requires manual chlorine pouring to the pool water – you will need to transport and store the chlorine, the saltwater pool system gives you less hassle in one way.

  • First of all, understand that a saltwater pool *is* a chlorine pool. It’s simply different in the manner in which the chlorine is delivered. With a saltwater pool, the saltwater creates its own chlorine, making liquid or tablet chlorine delivery unnecessary. It also eliminates the need to add other chemicals that are used with most chlorine systems. The chlorine, whether added from a bottle or created by the salt, is there to keep your pool clean and kill bacteria and algae.

40' Saltwater Pool in Kohala Estates

Love your backyard swimming pool but hate the idea of using all those chemicals to keep it clean and algae free? You'll be happy to hear that you now have an environmentally safe alternative to all those chemicals--plain old salt. That's right, you can keep your pool water sparkling clean by changing your chemically driven pool plumbing system to one that works with saltwater. Saltwater swimming pools have been around in other parts of the world for years. Now, because of both the environmental advantages and potential cost savings, saltwater swimming pools are becoming increasingly common in North America.