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I love my Roku box so much that I purchased two more and also created a website.

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) with Faster Processor (2015 model)

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  • Some channels that are available on other platforms are missing from the Roku box, but you have a few workarounds. For example, during my testing I noticed the lack of a Twitch channel for Roku. Although the official store didn’t offer a Twitch app for download, I did find a third-party app that someone (namely, not Roku) had created. Amazon locks down their devices, but anyone can create a third-party channel for Roku boxes. Using a third-party channel entails the same risks as running any piece of software that isn’t authenticated, but you can find some reliable sources of channels. (FWIW, Roku now has an official Twitch channel, but when it didn’t, the unofficial one did the job.)

    The Roku Streaming Stick also supports screen streaming or mirroring . It’s not a huge list: currently just a limited selection of Android and Windows Phone models, with no iOS support. However, if you have one of the supported devices, the mirroring works well if you want to show your tablet screen on your TV. This also means if a streaming service you want isn’t offered on the Roku box, you can stream it from your tablet instead. The result isn’t as good as native streaming from the Roku device, but the arrangement might work in a pinch.

  • The Roku box lacks access to iTunes and Google Play Music. If you use either of those services extensively, you should probably choose either an Apple TV or a Chromecast. It is also HDMI-only, so you’re out of luck if you own an older TV with only component video. If your TV lacks HDMI, the older, slower, and cheaper , which has composite-video output, might be for you.

    Here's how you setup a Roku box today: You plug it in, you hook it into your network, you login to your channels, you start watching TV. With a Roku, anyone can do it.

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    Roku 4

    Roku 3 with Voice Search

    Roku 3, 2014 Model

    Roku 2 with Faster Processor

    Roku 2, 2014 Model

    Roku 1

    Roku Streaming Stick

    Belkin HDMI Cable (not included with Roku box models)

    Roku 3, Canada Version

    Roku 2, Canada Version

    Roku 1, Canada Version

    Roku Streaming Stick, Canada Version

    GTMax HDMI Cable (not included with Roku box models)

    Roku 4

    Roku 3

    Roku 2 with Faster Processor

    Roku 1

    Roku Streaming Stick

    Belkin HDMI Cable (not included with Roku box models)

  • The user interface design on some of the Roku apps isn’t as current as it could be. For example, the Roku version of the Netflix app is the most current design, but the Amazon Instant Video app relies on a basic interface that uses the standard Roku-style elements. In contrast, Amazon Instant Video on many TVs has a brighter, more graphical interface that is easier to navigate. The same content is available on the Roku box, but the interface could use improvement.

roku netflix box Roku Netflix Box Review

The Roku boxes don’t do well with local media playback, and the Streaming Stick has completely dropped the local USB port (the built-in USB port is for power only). You can use the USB port on the Roku 2 and 3 for some media, but neither device supports a huge variety of file types. A much better option is to use on a computer or along with the Plex app on the Roku. This arrangement lets you play back far more content than the Roku can on its own. Plex also offers apps for iOS and Android that let you stream your local content to any device in the house. This setup requires you to leave a computer powered on and running Plex, so it isn’t for everyone, but it is a possible solution to the local-media problem.