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  • TAG : CHAPTER 1 Installing the Avaya P550R™/P880/P882
  • c. Check that the twisted pair connection meets dB loss and cable specifications outlined in Appendix C, Network Planning and Configuration. If a link still has not been established, contact Cabletron Systems Technical Support. 4.1.2 Connecting a 10BASE-T Segment to the MicroMMAC-32E and MicroMMAC-34E The MicroMMAC-32E has one RJ71 connector and the MicroMMAC-34E has two RJ71 connectors.

    The connector shell of the EPIM-A and the EPIM-X are connected to ground. C.2 NETWORK PORT SPECIFICATIONS The MicroMMAC-22E and MicroMMAC-24E network ports use shielded RJ45 connectors that support both STP and UTP cabling. The MicroMMAC-32E and MicroMMAC-34E use RJ71 connectors for network connections.

  • Table C-3 RJ71 Champ Connector Pinouts Signal Wire Color RX 1- Blue/White TX 1- Orange/White RX 2- Green/White TX 2- Brown/White RX 3- Gray/White TX 3- Blue/Red RX 4- Orange/Red TX 4- Green/Red RX 5- Brown/Red TX 5- Gray/Red RX 6- Blue/Black TX 6- Orange/Black...

    RJ71 connector provides twelve 10BASE-T twisted pair ports (twelve total for TPRMIM-33, twenty-four total for TPRMIM-36); each MIM has one EPIM; the TPRMIM-36 also has one AUI port. For more information regarding Cabletron Systems Repeater MIMs, refer to your Repeater Media Interface Modules (TPRMIM/FORMIM/ CXRMIM) Installation Guide.

  • CHAPTER 2: REQUIREMENTS / CONFIGURATIONS 2.4 PORT ASSIGNMENT MODULES • TPXMIM-20/TPXMIM-22: twisted pair port and bank assignment repeater MIM; RJ45 connectors (TPXMIM-20 has nine, TPXMIM- 22 has twenty-one); one EPIM. • TPXMIM-32/TPXMIM-36: twisted pair port and bank assignment repeater MIM; RJ71 connectors (TPXMIM-32 has one, TPXMIM- 36 has two);...

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