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100 Poly Bag Zipper Resealable Plastic Shipping Bags 6" x 9"

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  • These resealable plastic bags feature zipper-style seals that allow users to conveniently open and close them as often as needed. Also, as long as their seal tops are closed properly, no additional air can enter the bags, which prevents contents from wilting or going bad. Additionally, you’ll appreciate that these plastic storage bags are clear, allowing employees to see contents without having to open the bags.

    Our selection of resealable plastic bags includes options of different capacities to meet your low- or high-volume storage needs. You’ll find bags that come with great features like hanging holes for merchandising, write-on blocks for labeling, and dispenser boxes for storage. You can also choose between standard and heavy weight plastic storage bags to hold your light or heavy food items. For other great storage supplies for your commercial kitchen, check out our , , and .

  • If you operate a restaurant, deli, concession stand, or any other type of foodservice establishment, then resealable plastic bags are essential supplies for you to stock up on. Use these items to keep fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, soups, herbs, trail mixes, and other foods safely stored and fresh until you’re ready to use them. You’ll even find plastic storage bags that are freezer safe, so you can keep perishable items for longer periods of time.

    Durable multi-purpose poly bags allow clear viewing of contents. Low cost resealable plastic bags are waterproof and keep dirt and moisture away from contents. Bottom is heat sealed to prevent leaking. Poly bags are versatile enough to be used anywhere. FDA approved.

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  • Plastic bags are considered as the vital packaging element in the packaging industry. In order to maintain the transparency, we produced Clear Plastic Bags, which are most efficient. We are, one of the leading plastic bag manufacturers’ produces ziplock bags which are the most convenient storage bag that displays the product clearly that is stored in it. With varying tensile strength and bio-degradable feature, Universal Plastics manufactures the top quality of resealable bags that can be reused.These bags can be used for storing any food products in the freezer without any fear of getting contaminated or wasted. These resealable plastic bags are water resistant that doesn’t allow water to get inside. There are different styles and designs of resealable poly bags that look attractive. The poly bags at universal plastic are very affordable, and the manufacturer offers exclusive discounts with bulk orders that make it pocket-friendly for the distributor.

10 Clever Uses for Resealable Plastic Bags - Joni Hilton

In business today, you can use resealable plastic bags for just about anything you can think of. Companies are sending out their products in these as a means of not only getting themselves out on the shelves, but as a way to make their customers remember them all the more. All you have to do is unzip, and there's your product! Unlike anything else in the market, these bags are being used for any and all industries from food to clothing, going above and beyond any preconceived ideas of what can go in a resealable plastic bags.

At Plus Packaging, we carry both and quantities of plastic zipper bags for however large of a company you are running. We will work with you to pick the right size and quantity of what you are looking for. Read on to see all of the benefits that come with trusting our resealable plastic bags and plastic zipper bags.

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