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  • Das Reebok StepTone bietet ein bis Dato einzigartiges Fitness-Workout, welches Muskelpartien des ganzen Körpers aktiviert und trainiert. Das Training auf dem StepTone von Reebok strafft und festigt die Muskulatur und damit gesamten Körper. Das Training mit dem Reebok StepTone ist für Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene und Profis geeignet. Dem Reebok StepTone liegt eine Trainings-DVD mit zahlreichen Übungsanleitungen bei.

    The Reebok Step is perfect for a number of different fitness activities including cardiovascular training, lower body muscle toning and overall aerobic health. The Reebok Step platform is made with tough texture rubber and the non-slip surface can be height adjusted from 15cm (5.9”) to 25cm (9.8”) in three increments. This unique step platform provides a strong and sturdy platform for all kinds of aerobic activity and it’s simple design makes it also easy to use and even easier to store. Non-slip workout surface Compact storage Versatile piece of equipment is a must have in any gym Adjustable to 3 different height.

  • Reebok präsentiert mit dem neu designten Easytone Step eine Weiterentwicklung des klassischen Aerobic Step. Das Reebok Easytone Step verbindet die Vorteile eines klassischen Aerobic Step mit denen eines Balance- und Gleichgewichtstrainers.

    The Reebok Step specifications include a one piece construction and it has a tough rubber surface which prevents slipping. It has three adjustable height levels to ensure maximum impact and it also has non-slip floor blocks. The usual dimensions of the stepper are 90x35cm x 15 or 20 or 25cm and it weighs about 7.5kg. The step is also available with a user manual and workout program for creating maximum impact. Thus the Reebok stepper is a great alternative to working out at the gym and provides for some real sweaty and challenging workouts, at home.

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    The uniqueness of the Reebok EasyTone Step comes from its two inflatable air pods. By locking the pads (airflow valve in the minus position), the EasyTone Step acts as a "shock-absorbed" step pad.
    Turning the air valve to the plus setting allows transfer of air from one pod to the other. This turns the EasyTone Step into an effective balance and core trainer. Put the setting somewhere in between minus and plus for decreased air transfer, providing varying levels of resistance.
    Turn the step over (platform down) to use it as a balance-training jogging platform, for rolling back exercises, for knee exercises, and more!

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The Reebok Step Pro remains an integral and immensely popular piece of equipment in the group fitness exercise arena today. Variety in training is the key to progress and with this Step, no two workouts are ever the same. This is the ideal platform for group classes to perform a large range of basic and more complex exercises from cardiovascular and plyometric training to lower body muscle toning; its versatility is ideal for mixing up any workout programme. Suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, it can be combined with mat work exercises, or used with hand, wrist or ankle weights for an even higher calorie burn. Popular in gym class settings, the step is often used in conjunction with choreographed routines to upbeat music. Sturdy and durable for every lunge and jump, the Reebok Step's non-slip rubber surface means the user can focus on their form and positioning, plus it can be height adjusted from 15cm (5.9") to 25cm (9.8") in three increments for added intensity. The workout 'bubble' textured surface is large enough for fitness activities, but at the same time the step is compact and easy to store away when the class is complete - convenient and completely hassle free.