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  • Urine Reagent Strips provide tests for urobilinogen - glucose - ketones - bilirubin - protein - nitrite - pH - blood - specific gravity and leukocytes. No additional reagents or laboratory equipment required, 100 strips per bottle

    Reagent-strip tests for pyuria (leukocytes in urine) are based on the presence of intracellular esterases of bacteria. The esterases catalyze the hydrolysis of esters, releasing a product that reacts in a subsequent reaction with a diazonium salt to produce a colored product. The Ames product uses a derivitized pyrrole amino acid ester as the substrate for the esterases, while the BMD product employs an indoxylcarbonic acid ester. The intensity of both color reactions is proportional to the number of leukocytes in the specimen. The assay will detect both lysed and intact leukocytes. Sensitivities for the two reagent-strip manufacturers are listed in the Table of Practical Sensitivities of Two Reagent Strip Tests. False-positive results are seen with trichomonads and oxidizing agents; eosinophils and histiocytes may also produce a positive reaction. Elevated levels of urinary protein and ascorbic acid may result in false-negative values. The leukocyte test has been suggested as a screening test for pyuria; only urine specimens that are positive for leukocytes by the esterase reagent strip test, would require the more time-consuming microscopic examination for leukocytes.

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  • 100 x Doctor/GP 10 Parameter Urine Reagent Strip Tests ... 100 x Doctor/GP 10 Parameter Urine Reagent Strip Tests ...
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