Pool Surface Skimmer by Intex - Deluxe Intex Skimmer (Only $39.99)

Replacement for: Hayward 1090WM Wide mouth above ground pool skimmer

• Pool skimmer does not require filter cartridge replacements

Hydro Tools 8051 Promotional 4-Foot Telescopic Pool Skimmer

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  • The swimming pool skimmer should not have a leak because it will make you lose the swimming pool water and it will cause a further damage to your pool and also property. So, there are 7 steps that you should do to have some diagnostic test to leak test your swimming pool skimmer.

    You may have a leak in your swimming pool skimmer if the water level leaks out of your pool below the skimmer mouth anywhere down to 18 inch below the skimmer’s mouth bottom and stops. To prevent the skimmer to access water below the skimmer’s mouth and stop your pump losing prime and the water level fall too low, you need to find the leaking of your skimmer and isolate the leaking parts.

  • You can also test your plumbing system if you think the leak comes from the pool plumbing line. Before you do the plumbing test, you have to inspect your pumps operation. One of many leak indication is there is an excessive air in the pump basket and fix the swimming pool skimmer.

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    Above Ground & Inground Pool Skimmer Parts

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    Hayward Standard Small
    Pool Skimmer


    This skimmer is a very small pool skimmer, both for new installations and as a replacement for older skimmers which may not be available any longer. This may be used as an abover replacement or inground.

    This is not an above ground package, but may be used in any application requiring a small front access type.

    Package includes:
      Complete skimmer with basket, cover, faceplate, and gasket
      SP-1094-D Vacuum plate

    (See below for exact dimensions)

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