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  • You probably don't want to get too hung up on the winter interest concept. It is nice to have some evergreen plants in thegarden giving year round interest but the real fun comes with the fast growing tender tropical plants. No doubt you have sat throughcountless garden makeover programmes on the TV where we are shown in great detail how to mix cement and how to nail two planks of woodtogether. The last five minutes of the programme are then dedicated to the planting. What all the presenters generallysay at this stage is something like "And now for the best bit - planting the garden". With cool climate tropicalgardening you have that 'best bit' every year. You can plan, plant and grow a different planting schemeevery year and blow raspberries to anyone who tries to tell you this is not real gardening.

    When planting tomatoes, it's important to properly prepare the garden bed first. Tomato plants require quite a bit of nutrition as they grow and can easily sap soil of its minerals within several weeks. Building up the bed with compost and fertilizer is quite important to ensure the plant does not become nutrient deficient, which can hurt its fruit production. Once the soil is ready, planting tomato plants in the garden is a simple process that requires few tools and very little time.

  • While most gardeners are aware of problems related to invasive weeds, many are unaccustomed to the threats posed by commonly acquired ornamentals, ground covers and vines, which are readily available. Not all of the plants in the garden are as well behaved as they should be. Let’s take a look at how to control these .

    The best line of defense for controlling rampant plants is to carefully research the growth characteristics of plants before acquiring them, not to mention before planting them in the garden. Be wary of any label or description that uses terms such as vigorous, spreading, fast growing, , or good ground cover.

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    In order to control most rampant plants in the garden, including container grown, they must be taken care of prior to their setting seed. Seed is a method of dispersal by most all rampant plants. Oftentimes this means or mowing immediately after flowering to prevent seed production, which can be time consuming.

Growing Tomato Plants in the Vegetable Garden June 2014

Kale is as hardy vegetable plant, which means it can takes temperatures down to 25 degrees. Hardy and semi-hardy crops are usually grown in the cool-season garden and planted in early spring or late summer. Depending on where you live, it’s probably too warm to grow kale, and you may see the plant begin to bolt, or send up flowers, as weather heats up. You can leave the flowering plant in the garden (it’s actually quite pretty) but the leaves won’t be as tasty. You can read our article “” to learn more about what vegetables to plant when. Happy growing!