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Reversible Mat Brown & Beige Patio Mat Item No:119127 (9' x 12')

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  • Outdoor rugs are IN! Decorating and accessorizing are not only for the interiors. Rugs can pull up together your space and furniture. This same thing can happen within your patio, deck, garden or the pool area. A total, magnificent transformation will happen to your drab space. We would want to make the whole place inviting and very welcoming not only for our guests, as well as for our family and ourselves.

    Outdoor rugs are designed and made the same way with indoor rugs. They have styles that follow the trend but somehow they do have a little difference when it comes to materials. Rugs are not all about styles, patterns and fashion. You need to choose one accordingly to its use and not only for its aesthetic purpose. As you see, these rugs should be mold-, mildew-, weather- and temperature resistant and should not fade that easily and still convey comfort. Here are 18 Outdoor Rugs that are sure to inspire your outdoor decor:

  • The durability of indoor/outdoor rugs makes them a smart choice for a patio, basement or other high-traffic area. Many outdoor rugs are made with durable man-made materials such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester, which allow them to easily withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, dirt and prolonged sun exposure. Man-made materials have a more textured surface and tend to stand up better to the elements than natural materials. These rugs are also very easy to care for, and most can be rinsed with a hose for quick and easy cleaning.

    Now, do you know why you need to own an outdoor rug and know how to pick the right material? Buckle up your backyard and be wise as to how not to spend a load of money for your outdoor furniture with these 18 Outdoor Area Rugs. The next thing you’ll know, your backyard is already transformed into an exterior living area where you plan to relax and enjoy. For your indoor space, you may want to check on that are soft and stylish.

  • Choose a size and shape. Carefully measure the outdoor area you would like to cover with a rug before you shop. Fortunately, outdoor rugs are available in many dimensions and shapes. You may want to use different rugs to define spaces, such as a sitting area or under a dining set. If you are placing the rug under furniture, then it is suggested to have either all the furniture legs on the rug or just the front legs.

    Pick a pattern. Gone are the days of muted brown outdoor rugs. These floor coverings are now available in brightly colored solids, stripes, geometrics, and more. To determine which is right for your space, consider what will complement your existing furnishings and how much of the rug will be visible. A bold pattern may be fun peeking out from under a dining table but too overwhelming standing alone.

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Indoor-outdoor rugs need to be durable, keep the spaces they occupy clean and, maybe most importantly, make a style statement. constructed of polypropylene are stain- and soil-resistant, easy to clean and UV stable. There's little worse than a faded, unevenly-toned carpet offsetting the balance of your space. Sun filtered through a window is just as powerful a surface dyer as natural, unfiltered outdoor sunlight, so UV stability is a must for both indoor and outdoor use. Don't worry about your family and friends bringing outside dirt and dust inside. The durability of the fabric makes polypropylene rugs great for high-traffic areas inside and out. Choose from a range of styles including dynamic, cosmopolitan-inspired patterns from a variety of talented designers and clean, neutral colors for a sophisticated foundation for your floor, porch or patio. Indoor-outdoor rugs from Crate and Barrel come in sizes as small as 2'x3' to sizes as large as 8'x10' and even 9'x12'.