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  • GlobalLens is Canada's original online contact lens supplier. With over 60,000 customers ordering contact lenses from Canada for nearly 20 years, you can rest assured when buying contact lenses from Global Lens.

    Figure it out. It really doesn't matter which type of contact lenses you're ordering, soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable or disposable contact lenses. Whoever is selling them to you is going to put your prescription contacts in a box, stick an address label on the outside of the box, then hand them to a delivery company like the United States Postal Service, UPS or FedEx. They'll deliver the box to your door. Think about it, they're not doing it for free! You know the cost of getting your online contacts to your house is built in to the cost of the contact lenses. But 'Free' sounds so nice - all warm and fuzzy - like something special. If you really want to save money when you order contacts online, insist on breaking out all the costs, so you know what you're paying for. Standard shipping costs about $7. If you buy two boxes of new contacts the cost of shipping is built in to the selling price, otherwise the company would lose money on all two-box orders. Missing out on this important fact can turn the 'Free shipping site', "cheapest contact lenses" into a contact lens price you won't want to pay.

  • 4. By default, the toolbar shows online contacts first, then contacts who are away, not available, then other contacts. (Offline contacts are not shown, unless their corresponding Outlook contact is selected in Outlook). If there are more than four contacts, the extras are shown in the “more” menu (shown as “5 more” above, meaning there are 5 more contacts).

    Online contact form is pretty easy, so this contact form template is pretty much ready tu use. Of course, you are free to modify the form how ever you like. At form designer, you can move with each element, remove any parts, or add new widgets.

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