36" Kids' Mini Trampoline by Pure Global

55in round mini trampoline with enclosure system

1. Stand on the mini trampoline with your feet 6 inches apart.

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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  • The total rebounding surface of the Stamina is 34 inches, which is enough for most stationary exercises like jogging in place but could be too small for side-to-side motions or dynamic exercises like jumping jacks. Beginning exercisers may not even want to perform more advanced routines, anyway, so the Stamina's relatively small bouncing surface shouldn't present a problem. We find that the Stamina does everything first-time users would want in a budget-priced mini trampoline, and it is safe for young children to use strictly for fun as well.

    Some users have discovered that stabilizing bars from other mini trampoline models work with the Variflex. The rebounding mat dimensions are large enough to allow users to perform basic to moderate workout routines safely. One benefit of elastic bands is the prevention of serious injury if the user should slide off the main rebounding. The frame is also padded.

  • The model offers a generous 38 inches of usable surface area which allows users to perform high-intensity and wide-stance exercises like jumping jacks and aerobics. Younger users should have plenty of space to hop and land without getting too close to the springs or frame edge. Some users noticed a level of firmness that discouraged higher, more energetic bouncing. This was not necessarily a negative in their opinion, but younger users may try maneuvers on a mini trampoline that would be much safer on a full size model.

    We're impressed by the JumpSport's 16-gauge steel frame and the lifetime warranty that comes with the product. The arched legs provide a level of stability not found in straight-leg designs, and stability is a very important element when it comes to mini trampolines/rebounders! The elastic bands included with the JumpSport Model 250 are significantly more durable than the metal springs used on many other models. The bands also provide a level of quiet that downstairs neighbors and housemates are likely to appreciate.

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  • A Mini Trampoline allows you to bounce your way to great shape easily and while having fun. There are so many interesting and enjoyable exercises you can do on a mini trampoline; it's a great way to add variety and interest to your workout routine. No one ever said that exercising had to be boring. A mini trampoline allows you to get a great aerobic workout in the privacy of your own home and enjoy yourself the whole time. A quality mini trampoline is durable while being simple and safe to use, and it is easy to move and store for even the smallest woman. Once your workout is done a mini trampoline is easily hidden away in a closet or beneath the bed. Don't have an entire room in your home for your gym? You don't need one with a mini trampoline. Make any room in your home into a personal exercise room. Every mini trampoline carried by Home Fitness Equipment gives you the highest quality at the lowest price. Take advantage and buy your own mini trampoline today!

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    The JumpSport's maximum weight rating of 250 pounds may be an understatement, which means heavier users who need to start a low-impact exercise regimen can feel confident while using this rebounder. The elastic bands are covered by a tough apron and protected by six attached "petals." Many mini trampoline users are injured when their feet miss the rebounding surface and land in the springs, but JumpSport's Model 250 does everything possible to protect the exerciser. The inclusion of a basic rebounding workout on DVD is also a nice touch, since many beginners have no idea how to begin an exercise routine on a mini trampoline.

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Mini trampolines for kids are a great way to get them understanding exercise and fitness. They can be used indoors, so that if it is rainy, your child can still have a fun day. Mini trampolines for kids are made with waterproof, heavy duty jumping surfaces so it can withstand a lot of jumping up and down. There is also an easy-to-grip handle bar so children can hold on to keep their balance. For extra safety and with children in mind, there is padding around the springs to prevent little ones from stepping through the bungee cord and to cushion the frame.