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How to Make Your Own Large Bean Bag Chairs. Originally called the Socco, ... How to Make Your Own Tea Bags. If...

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  • How to Make a Bean Bag Chair. Bean bag chairs are fun for everyone and make great extra seating in a child's or teen's room. You can make your own bean bag chairs to match your decor. If you go this route, you can make the bean bag chair as large or as small as you want it to be to fit the space.

    Beanbag chairs consist of a fabric cover stuffed with a packing material such as polystyrene or polyester pellets. These soft cushions rest on the floor, providing extra seating in any room. Depending upon the materials used, the cost of a commercially manufactured beanbag chair may overreach your budget. It costs less to make your own beanbag chair than to buy one, plus you get to determine the color and size of the finished product so it fits perfectly within your homes decor and space. Beanbag construction methods exist for those with sewing skills and those without.

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