Why did you become interested in knee pads?

Ergodyne ProFlex 350 Gel Foam Knee Pads ',300, 400)" onmouseout="hidetrail()"

Andance (1Pair) Adjustable Thick Sponge Collision Avoidance Kneeling Kneepad Outdoor Climbing Sports Riding Knee Protector Protection (Black)

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  • TAG : Manufacturer: Condor OutdoorTactical Elbow & Knee Pads
  • We have field tested the product with real users in different trade groups to ensure we have the optimal design and materials. The foam has also been lab tested in three different areas: durability, pressure dispersion, and energy absorption. After 100,000 impacts, the foam maintained 98% of its original structure. The pressure mapping results show the superior pressure dispersion qualities compared with a typical foam material found in other knee pads. The microscopic cell tests also show how the cell walls of the foam remain in tact after pressure is applied unlike other padding materials where the cell walls burst and break down under pressure. All of the test results can be seen on the website at

    Keep your knees in tip-top shape with the Basic Knee Pads. These lifesavers are made to comfortably slip on over your baselayer but under your snow pants so nobody will ever know. A few knee pads cost a lot less than multiple knee surgeries, ponder that fun fact.

  • You’ll see that as quality increases in typical knee pads, so does the size. The big and bulky knee pads are a pain to wear because they are hot and heavy. Most of them have straps that pinch and bind behind your legs, making them a constant nuisance. But even worse than that, the foam or gel materials are just not comfortable, and the padding is low quality across the board.

    The Force IV Skateboard Knee Pads are beefed up with super strong Cordura® construction, a longer cut top part, and hefty EVA padding around the knees. This design provides additional stability and comfort with features such as their ergonomic pre-shaped design, top and bottom Velcro straps, and a horseshoe contour that keeps the pad from slipping down. The Force IV Skateboard Knee Pad is an industry leading design with ample tech features for all day performance and comfort.

    AMA Pro Knee Pads - Alternate: Light Blue on White

  • AMA Pro Knee Pads: Neon Green on Purple

    is another great option for any player because it still has enough padding to keep you protected while offering less material from top to bottom. This also seems to be a favorite among young players who want a good transition knee pad between starter knee pads and very low profile competition style kneepads. These come in black or white and also come in junior sizes in the ASICS ZD0925 Ace Low Profile Knee Pads –Junior to fit young, tiny players as well.

Manufacturer: Condor OutdoorTactical Elbow & Knee Pads

HK Army Knee Pads - These pads are the result of the HK design team's combined 100+ years of tournament experience. HK pads are built to be light weight and mobile for the athletic player. These are quickly becoming the top choice of pro players the world over.