How To Keep Your Face Warm – The A-Z of Facemasks & Bandanas

How to keep your face warm on your motorbike

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  • These are basically polyester full face masks made by Burton. They do a great job keeping your face warm, but I find that they trap a lot of moisture against your mouth, which makes things a little wet and uncomfortable.

    A unique way to keep your face warm is to buy a large knitted/crochet scarf. It may look like the holes let cold air in, but this does a surprisingly good job of letting you get fresh air while keeping your face warm.

  • By creatively utilizing your scarf, you can keep your face relatively warm. Strategically utilize it by throwing it around your neck with a standard wrap. Get it inside of your jacket and lift it up over your face. To keep it in place, grab the two ends and tighten it. You look like a super stylish bank robber. This option is better than those face warming masks. This scarf option can be pulled down quickly. Use a scarf that has a tight weave: wool or microfiber.

    These do a pretty good job of keeping your face warm and letting air in and out. The big downside is they give you a giant bird beak around your nose.

  • “Here’s how you keep your face warm, Mama,” his pookie-sweet voice instructed after he noticed his beloved mother’s lips turning a disturbing shade of cerulean.

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10. Keep your nose and mouth outside your sleeping bag. Your breath contains a great deal of moisture that can cause dampness to collect in the bag as you sleep. To keep your face warm, wear a balaclava or wrap a scarf around your face.