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Avengers Series Marvel Assemble Titan Hero Iron Man 12" Action Figure

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  • The Battle for New York seen in last year’s “The Avengers” movie is nothing compared to the war that Hot Toys is waging on Hot Toys Avengers and Iron Man collectors this spring! After a somewhat light fall and winter, Avengers Hot Toys figures like Black Widow, Thor, and Agent Coulson have been released one after the next. And things are about to get even more expensive for Iron Man Hot Toys fans, as the long-awaited Avengers Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII Movie Masterpiece Series figure has now been released overseas!

    Hot Toys has managed to take us totally off-guard with many surprise announcements over the course of this year. But their latest product reveal has been, well… not exactly a closely-guarded secret. Starting at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and continuing throughout the summer and fall, Hot Toys has been “sneakily” leaving an Iron Man 3 Hot Rod Iron Man Hot Toys figure in the display cases at most of the events that they’ve exhibited at. I guess there was always the slight possibility that this figure was just on display to taunt us with what we cannot have–but no more:

  • It’s taken an entire year of waiting, but the latest Iron Man is out in Asia and will be coming home to collectors in the United States any week now! He features light-up parts and more bonus accessories and removable armor pieces than any Iron Man Hot Toys figure before him.

    Between the "Iron Man 2" movie; "Iron Man 2: The Video Game"; all the awesome Iron Man comics; sweet Dr. Pepper, 7-11 & Burger King swag; and "AC/DC: Iron Man 2," all the cool new Iron Man toys and action figure could get lost in the shuffle. But we won't let that happen! We've seen all the cool stuff available now and we want you to share in our excitement!

    Iron Man debuted in the pages of Marvel Comics in 1963 in Tales of Suspense #39. After suffering a severe chest injury, billionaire playboy, industrialist, and inventor Tony Stark creates a suit of armor that transforms him into Iron Man, one of the world's most compelling and popular superheroes.

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    Invincible Iron Man #12
    CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! A heartbreaking chapter in the history of Iron Man as the events of CIVIL WAR II come crashing down around him. Plus, what exactly is Doctor Doom up to in the time of all-out...
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    But it's not the North Pole. . .

    While it won’t be quite as gigantic as the Hulkbuster Iron Man MMS coming our way next year, this will be the second-largest Iron Man Hot Toys figure ever released by Hot Toys, as it stands a humongous 49 cm (or 20″) tall. That’s a mighty big Iron Man!


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