SAM-e a Promising Alternative Treatment for Depression

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  • How much SamE is required?
    Recommended dosage is 10 mg per pound of body weight daily. SamE is available is 200 mg and 400 mg tablets.

    You already know that you need to take B-vitamins along with SAMe, but how much SAMe should you take? There’s no standard dose, most people have to experiment over the course of time to find
    the ideal dose. The most common range is 400 to 2000 mg per day, but there’s no right or wrong amount per se. If you’re using SAMe for mood or joint comfort, we suggest you start at the higher end of the scale and reduce the dosage gradually to find the lowest dose at which you’re getting benefits. If you’re using SAMe for liver toxicity, stay in the middle of the range. For homocysteine support , the SAMe dose depends on how high the levels are and how aggressively you and your doctor want to approach it.

  • What is SamE?
    How does SamE work?
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