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Heating pads are available for anyone to purchase. There is no regulation that says these...

Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Heat Microplush Heating Pad for Quick Pain Relief, Extra Large (12" x 24"),Olive

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  • Microwavable Heating Pads: Offering a better value solution, microwaveable heating pads require a quick moment in the microwave to heat up and then gradually reduce heat over time. These are the best heating pad solutions if your main purpose is relaxation.

    Electric Heating Pads: Electric heating pads offer users the most flexibility in heating, as they more often than not have adjustable heat settings. Using electric power to heat up, they can be reused as often as needed and are a convenient solution for home use.

  • :An American brand started in 1910, Sunbeam is known for producing quality electric home appliances, and their product list includes top rated heating pads.

    Chemical Heating Pads: Easy to use, chemical heating pads are heated by chemical reaction. Most of these pads are disposable but some can be reset by boiling the pad. Ideal for emergency situations, they offer one-time heat therapy instantly.

      With penetration up to 10 times deeper than conventional electric heating pads, our infrared pads are a must-have for athletes, the elderly, or anyone seeking:
    Relaxation of stiff, sore muscles, muscle tension relief
    Highly portable, wearable, infrared therapy, contour-designed for specific body areas.
    Faster recovery of sports injuries.


    First,it RELAXES MUSCLES ORDINARY HEATING PADS CAN'T REACH by sending warmth up to 20 times deeper below the surface of your skin!



    Second, it PROMOTES HEALING by increasing circulation for up to 6 hours so the pain stays gone, and...


    :For nearly 80 years, Battle Creek has specialized in heating pads and other thermo products, offering good quality items for affordable prices.

Heating Pad Hemp Microwave Heating Pads by ..

Description: These DC powered heating pads are perfect for near-body heating applications. They get warm to the touch but not too hot. Simply apply 5VDC to the wire leads and within minutes, the pad will begin to warm up.