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How to Give a Back Massage: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

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  • A good back massage and your back pain is sorted and taken care of! While nothing can beat massage from a licensed therapist, an electronic substitute is also available to provide the same therapeutic effect. Yes, we are talking about the massage chair.

    A good back massage will leave the recipient feeling relaxed. The massaging motion works to improve circulation and blood flow to the muscles, bringing them nutrients and helping them to remove toxins. In this way, massage not only feels good but it’s good for you too!

  • Everyone likes a good back massage but not everyone can afford to go to the massage therapist when their back hurts. While a professional is your best bet for getting rid of any chronic pain, you or your spouse can learn to give a pretty decent massage for those times when you can’t get to your therapist.

    Everyone loves a good back massage, but sometimes it's hard to know what to do and what techniques to use. Use these tips to give a great back massage to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Back Massage Chair Cushions. Homedics is the manufacturer of some of the best back massagers available. They make a massager cushion that you just place in a chair and plug in! It is one of their best models and is called The Back Energizer 5 Point Back Massager with Heat. This electric massager works both in the car or office, as it works in a 12V car adaptor or normal AC plug. A good back massager cushion is designed to not only produce heat but also a comfortable kneading sensation to release tight knots in your back. A good chair back massager can easily double as a car back massager as well.

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Well, there you go, Kimberly. Everything you need to give amazing massages! Of course, if he has a serious problem with his back he should definitely go to a good Physical Therapist. But, when he just needs a good back massage, you’ll now be up to the task.