The Curious George plush toy in pajamas is 11 inches high.

On the bright side they have these cute Curious George toys:

Curious George Toys - Tin Tea Set

Gund Curious George Stuffed Animal, 12 inches

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  • This set includes a tin tea set for four with serving tray, a Curious George Goes Camping activity book by Margret & H.A. Rey's and a Curious George push toy.

    There are many “classic” Curious George toys to choose from, with George in his red or yellow shirt but there are also ones that match some of our family’s favorit episodes. In the show, “Curious George in the Dark”, George loses his ball in a dark, spooky cave and he must be a brave monkey to go in and get it.

  • This set includes a tin tea set for four with serving tray, a Curious George Dinosaur Discovery activity book by Margret & H.A. Rey's and a Curious George push toy with a 5 inche yellow hat.

    During a trip to Orlando, my daughter fell in love with a Curious George plush toy that evidently looked like it had been there for some time and showed it, the toy belonged to the grandson of the family we visited and he loved it too, during that trip my daughter wouldn’t let it off her sight and it made me want to get her one, and started a quest to find one just like it, after looking through a few stores decided to look for it in my favorite web store AMAZON and found it as well as other versions.

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"He has always been a good little monkey and always very curious." After 75 years, H. A. and Margret Rey’s beloved, inquisitive character is still curious. Thanks to the classic Curious George books, and now popular PBS KIDS show, everyone’s favorite monkey has secured a place in the hearts of millions of children and adults. Let the monkeying around continue when you bring home Curious George toys, party supplies, plush dolls, customized school supplies, clothing and more. Welcome to our official Curious George shop!