How to Flash an XBox 360 DVD Drive Firmware

Flashing an Xbox 360 DVD Drive ..

Xbox 360 DVD DRIVE Hitachi LG 79FK GDR-3120L

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  • To those who have no idea what this whole iXtreme and Flashing thing is. iXtreme Firmware is for flashing the Xbox 360 DVD Drive. The purpose of flashing the drive is to allow Backups to be played. Backup is a duplicate copy of an Xbox 360 game. They are burned on Dual Layer DVD's, which requires the use of a Dual Layer Burner as well....With the latest iXtreme Firmware, currently LT+ for the LiteOn, Benq (and Hitachi) and LT for Samsung drives, all backups are required to be stealth-patched. There is no longer any need to use an activation disc as the new firmware can read all waves with ease. Stealth Firmware in short, tricks the console into thinking the game is a real official copy, and thus, will allow you to play the game. Now there is risk involved when flashing your drive.

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How do I replace an XBox 360 DVD drive if the original drive ..