Complete your emergency food supply with or .

Let’s get some emergency food preparation going just in case!!!

Consider the following things when putting together your emergency food supplies:

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  • Sportsman's Guide has an assortment of Survival Food. Shop for all Emergency Food & Meals that are convenient for camping or any crisis. A variety of delicious meals, including cajun pasta, chili, pot pie and more! Find all at Sportsman's Guide at great low prices.

    Of course – I feel good that I am participating in this campaign. I feel like I’m learning and I’m contributing. I also feel proud when my students present a cheque to the Food Bank or Brown Bagging it for Kids. But I do this work because I want to get to the next step, and I want my students to get to the next step too. If emergency food is step one, then capacity building is step two (community gardens, community kitchen programs, Good Food Box programs…), but the ultimate step is structural and policy change – addressing the root cause of hunger in Canada (poverty and inadequate social assistance rates). Only when this step is addressed will we see declining usage of our food banks, and ultimately the closing of our nation’s food banks and higher rates of food security.

  • For a convenient way to build your emergency food supply, regardless if you're planning for 72 hours or a year plus, consider the 120 Serving Entree bucket. You will love Legacy Premium's amazing main dishes, all secured in one bucket for easy storage and light-weight portability. Just add water to prepare these freeze-dried emergency meals. Enjoy 19 different main dishes that taste great; freeze-dried meals are vacuum-sealed for a food supply life span of up to twenty-five years.

    Many of my fellow bloggers have alluded to the lack of choice in their hampers, produce that is less than fresh, the misch-masch nature of the hamper contents, and the questionable nutritional value of many of the ‘donated’ items. I admire the work of the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and support the critical service they offer Calgarians – especially in times like these. But this is emergency food, and a better solution would mean that Calgarians don’t have to line up for food, qualify for a hamper or figure out what to do with the somewhat random contents of their hamper. A better solution would be a living wage that would allow low income Calgarians to budget on their own, shop in a regular grocery store, and prepare foods that are culturally appropriate, nutritionally balanced, and suited to their liking.

    My Patriot Supply is your source for delicious emergency survival food.

    There's a reason we're America's best-selling supplier of storable food. We start with the highest-quality ingredients.

    We use only the most advanced methods in preserving our freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. The end result is tasty, nutritious meals, drinks and snacks. Our tested and trusted shelf life of up to 25 years helps you prepare for any emergency.

    The bottom line: if our emergency food isn’t good enough for our own families, we won’t sell it.

    All our Best-Selling Emergency Food Supplies give you:
    • Easy-to-prepare meals, drinks and snacks
    • Up to a 25-year shelf life
    • Recipes with no GMO ingredients and no added MSG
    • Easy, convenient storage options

    Want to sample some of our yummy recipes? Try our 72-Hour Kit – 16 Serving Sample Pack.

    Wide Range of Emergency Survival Food Options
    At My Patriot Supply, we give you the flexibility to prepare in advance. That’s why we provide a wide range of emergency food options:
    • Short-Term Emergency Food Kits
      For emergencies lasting from three days to three months. This gives you a food storage plan for earthquakes, power outages, job loss and more.
    • Long-Term Emergency Food Kits
      For emergencies lasting from six months to four years. This gives you a food storage plan for a financial crisis, global epidemics and more.
    • Family Emergency Food Kits
      Special emergency food kits for couples and small families. This includes options for up to four people.

    Complete your emergency food supply with Survival Food Add-ons or Bulk Emergency Foods.

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    Legacy Premium takes your family's emergency preparedness very seriously; all Legacy freeze-dried main dish meals are wholesome and affordable. In the vast emergency food supply market, Legacy offers the highest quality main dish options at the lowest cost per 2,000 calories. With Legacy Premium you know your freeze-dried food supply is protected; emergency meals are sealed in Mylar pouches and preserved in sturdy, stackable buckets. Delicious freeze-dried meals add excitement to your food supply and boast up to a twenty-five year shelf life.

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The GrubTub emergency food bucket is a sensible precaution for anyone, it's about having peace of mind and not having to worry in emergencies. It's so easy to store; you can squeeze it in anywhere, pantry, cupboard, under the bed, wherever you like really.