Use decorative pins or tacks to hang materials on cork board.

2. Use decorative pins or tacks to hang materials on cork board.

Quartet Cork Bulletin Board, 2 x 3 Feet, Oak Finish Frame (MWDB2436-ECR)

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  • TAG : 4′ x 6′ framed cork board with choice of Forbo cork colors.
  • In this case, we already had all of the materials we needed either in our garage or as leftovers from another project so this project did not cost us a dime. But here is what you will need in order to make this cork board your own:

    So you start with a regular bulletin board and spray paint the wooden boarder until it is a thick, solid color. Allow time to dry. Next take the fabric of your choice and cut out a piece to fit the cork board and then staple it down along the inside of the boarder so that all of the cork is covered. Some may stop here, however this leaves your with an ugly layer of staples showing. So in order to cover all those staple up, we used a hemp braid and hot glued it over top those staples just right along the inside of the boarder.

  • So here is another bulletin board option that can serve not only for functional purposes but for decoration as well. Why have a cork board hanging on your wall when you can add some color and pattern and turn it into an inspiring decoration. This is what my refurbished bulletin board ended up looking like. It is a lot more motivating than a dull cork board and helps brighten my mood.

    Hello again! Welcome back to another installment of Freebie Friday. This week’s free download is of a hi-res cork board texture. The image below is lo-res but you can download the hi-res coard board texture . Happy designing!

  • During a thorough clean of my shed that was formerly a storage unit, I discovered several bags of wine corks. Not wishing to return them to a dusty shelf, I put them to use. A cork board was an obvious solution. They’re practical, simple to make and look good.

3′ x 4′ framed cork board with choice of Forbo cork colors.

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