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Citrus Heights drain cleaning and sewer repair and replacement contractors at Boyd Plumbing are now offering $10 off of any service or repair expiring 12/24/2014.


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  • Citrus Heights drain cleaning is one of the services that the new coupon can be used for. at Boyd Plumbing has the most advanced equipment and they continually train their technicians to make sure they are using the best techniques when it comes to clearing tough clogs. “It doesn’t matter what type of pipe is clogged. We clear main sewer lines, kitchen and bathroom drains and drain lines for commercial properties. There is no problem we can’t fix,” says Mike.

    “Our Citrus Heights drain cleaning and sewer repair experts always help the customer to understand all of the available options. We want to have our customers making informed decisions about their homes and we don’t use a heavy sales pitch like some other ,” says Mike. Boyd Plumbing has many positive reviews on Yelp, Google and other trusted review sources like Angie’s List. Most of their reviews highlight personalized service they provide to customers in Citrus Heights.

  • Citrus Heights professionals agree that of all the repair jobs that many homeowners think they can easily tackle on their own, drain cleaning has to be at the top of the list. Homeowners simply feel that purchasing some drain cleaner or a power snake can easily fix any problems. Our and Citrus Heights drain cleaning experts will show you how those misconceptions can lead to more costly repairs down the road if not addressed properly. Here are just a few benefits to utilizing the services of a Citrus Heights drain cleaning professional.

    Our and Citrus Heights drain cleaners have seen homeowners run into trouble with power snakes too. These tools are very powerful and if not used properly can become lodged into tight areas in the drain. In order to avoid paying a Citrus Heights drain cleaners professional, homeowners will think they are saving a buck renting that snake to get the job done. Then they run into serious trouble when the tip of the snake breaks off in the pipes or gets stuck. Not only are they forced to pay for the tool they broke, a rooter service in Citrus Heights specialist needs to be called out to get that tool out of your drains.

  • Citrus Drain Cleaner is intended to be automatically dispensed into drains to prevent grease buildup and odors. Citrus Drain Cleaner can also be used as a drain declogger or deodorizer by manually pouring product into troublesome drains.

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Our rooter service in Citrus Heights professionals can unclog your drains using organic solutions that will never harm your pipes. Once the clog has successfully been removed, your drains will once again flow freely. Our and Citrus Heights drain cleaning company has years of experience in this area with helping businesses and residents with clogged drains. We work quickly and efficiently at identifying the problem and getting the right tools down to break up anything stuck in the drain.