Magnificent hand painted Serpentine, a form of Jade exotic chess sets

The Complete Staunton Tournament chess set at just $99, normally $199!

Smart Tactics Folding Chess Set Made By FSC Certified Wood - Plus Edition With Chess Bag

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  • This chess set is an American style design. Made in Sheesham wood and Chidar wood the king for this set is a generous 3.75 inches high. The detail is crafted to high standards with…

    This is Part 1 of Choosing the Right Size and Style of Chess Sets. The next installment, Choosing Your Chess Pieces, will be published in a few weeks, so stay tuned for a brief comparison of the pieces available here at Wholesale Chess!

  • With a chunky, ready-for-business knight this chess set has a robust yet sleek feel evident in the King and Queen detail and design. The pieces of the set compliment each other per…

    Choose from a variety of chess set colors and options right here! Buy your next chess set from Wholesale Chess and you'll see the difference. Our chess sets are some of the highest-quality chess sets available on the market today and are available at the lowest prices anywhere! You'll love these chess sets from the moment you pull them out of the box. Not sure which chess set to buy? Here are some helpful tips:

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    ChessCentral's online chess shop offers a variety of chess sets made from finely crafted woods. We carry chess sets in rich black Ebony, stunning dark Rosewood, lustrous Golden Rosewood, exquisite Red Sandalwood and chess sets made from many other fine woods. We have matched the wood chess pieces with wooden chess boards for your convenience, but most chess pieces and chess boards can be purchased separately if you favor a different look. Each of our wood chess sets are of the highest workmanship and quality. You will truly enjoy the look and feel of playing chess on a wooden chess set.

    Combination chess set with pieces along with board. The pieces of the set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has quality…

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Wooden chess sets are nowadays set as the standard in modern chess. Their beauty and elegance, as well as the relatively ease of dealing with this material have been the main features which have prompted the wooden chess sets in the top of the most appreciated chess sets available on the market. Wood, one of the most beautiful materials found in abundance in nature can offer spectacular views for the human eye. The disposal of its fibres as well as their colour makes the chess pieces acquire unique sparkles which will enchant the players eyes. The diversity of wood types from which the sets are made can also contribute to the great appearance of a wooden set. By far the most spectacular wooden chess pieces are those combining the dark look of ebony with that bright yellow boxwood. Other spectacular combinations include rosewood and boxwood and natural and ebonised boxwood.