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Check Printing Software 2000 is not compatible with any UNIX, MAC or OS/2 operating systems.

Checks - Personal Pack

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  • 31 Aug 2012 With the new improved ezCheckPrinting, check writing software, user never needs to re-order checks from bank again. User can now get it free

    ezCheckPersonal Check Printing Software 2.0.5 ezCheckPersonal is a personal ezCheckPrinting - Check Write & Print 5.0.1 ezCheckPrinting is a MICR check

  • ezCheckPrinting is MICR check designing and printing software for any size business. It saves your money and time. It prints business checks with logo on blank

    Bank of America chose Bank Printing Company and one other company to develop the printing press technology to print the new magnetic numbers on bank checks. Bank Printing Company accomplished this task successfully and subsequently received orders from Bank of America for all of its millions of depositors. Bank Printing Company remained Bank of America's contract check printer for decades. As other banks rapidly obtained the new MICR check technology Bank Printing Company was awarded many more bank check contracts nationally. The household checkbook became commonplace.

    On check setup page, you can do:
  • Uncheck the "Use Blank Check Stock" check box to print check on preprinted check. The default is checked.
  • Specify the bank information: Bank name, addresses, transit code, Routing Number, Bank Account.
  • Define the current check number. This number will increase by one automatically after each check printing.
  • You can adjust the check print out position by modifing the "Offset left", "Offset right", "Offset up" and "Offset down" text box.
  • Specify the check position on page by selecting Top, Middle, Bottom or 3 per Page.
  • You can print out "Check Alignment Page" and align you check on the bottom and right line to check if the Routing Number fits inside the correct box. The "Print Check Alignment" button is on "Check Setup Page". The Routing Number includes the leading symbol.
  • Specify the signature image on check.
  • Input compay name address displayed on check.
  • ezCheckPrinting is very flexible check designing and printing software. On "Setting->check layout" forms,
  • you can move the label and image to ideal position
  • you can change font size, font type
  • you can change line style
  • you can resize the image
  • you can hide/show the text/line
  • you can add new line or new label. You can add expiration information there or you can customize your transit code to two-line format.
  • In 1967, as fashion stationery was gaining popularity, Bank Printing Company was the first operation of its kind to introduce more stylish alternatives to plain blue safety checks. Most banks across the country sought out the new designer checks as their depositors were clamoring for them, differentiating Bank Printing Company again as a leader and innovator in the check printing industry.

| Version: ezCheckPrinting 2.0.3

With Check Printing Software 2000 you can print your checks on blank regular paper, however, you should use paper that has a light design or grain of some kind on both sides since of it. Some banks may have a problem with a plain white check because they could be easily duplicated. You can usually find a good deal on this type of paper at an office supply store.