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  • My cousin asked that I bring my 2 cast iron frying pans to our family reunion--one is still OK, but she scraped even some of the black finish off the one I inherited from my mother. What to do? Thanks in advance for your help! Here is a picture of the pan, hope you have some ideas.

    Hello…. I just purchased some cast iron fry pans and I an having a problem seasoning them. No matter what I use to apply the solid shortening to the pan… it leaves lint with the shortening.; Any suggestions? Do I have to smooth them out first?

  • Cast iron frying pans are versatile, durable, and remarkably cheap. While pans that have passed down for generations might have a whole lot of sentimental value, you can buy a brand new cast iron frying pan without shelling out much cash. But do you think of using one when you're not frying up bacon?

    Some people use their electric panini presses all the time. Others regret wasting the counter or shelf space. If you have a pair of cast iron frying pans, though, you're ready to make paninis anyway. Heat both pans, place your sandwiches in the larger one, then put the smaller pan on top, using the bottom of the pan to press and toast the sandwiches. You won't get grill lines, but you'll get a nice toasty surface.

  • The Cuisinart Cast Iron Fry Pan is a round 10” Cardinal Red Skillet. The cast iron will hold on to heat well. There is a wide helping handle on the side to provide a secure grip. The Cuisinart Cast Iron Fry Pans are stovetop, oven, and broiler safe. You can even cook with the cast iron fry pan on an induction stovetop. Both the interior and exterior of this cast iron fry pan are porcelain enameled.

Pre-seasoned with detailed cleaning and care instructions