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CardioChek Starter Refill Cholesterol Kit includes 3 total,3 hdl,3 trig, 9 capillaries, and 9 lancets

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  • Whether you test all your patients for cholesterol levels as part of standard exams or if you only perform the tests for patients who are at risk for cholesterol problems, having equipment that is accurate and easy to use is paramount. When you choose CardioChek test strips from MedTek, you can also make these tests affordable. We offer strips for more than 10 unique tests, including lipid panel tests, total cholesterol tests, metabolic panels, triglycerides tests, glucose tests and combined tests. We also offer the Smart Bundle kit, which includes 50 glucose test strips and 15 lipid panel strips. Chemistry control materials are also available so you can make sure your CardioChek equipment gives accurate readings.

    You can offer your patients finger stick or venous blood sample analysis without centrifuging with CardioChek Strips and Analyzers, and you don't need to refrigerate anything. In fact, this advanced cholesterol testing equipment extracts plasma from whole blood for simultaneous testing, right in the strip. There's only one button, so you and your staff won't have to undergo any special training. There are no moving parts, meaning there will be virtually no errors. With the eGLU glucose test, it's possible to get results within a few seconds. The test uses just a 15 µL sample of whole blood. For other kinds of cholesterol testing and combined tests, results are available within 90 seconds, and only 15 µL to 40 µL of whole blood is required. In addition, the machines are portable and battery-powered, making them easy to use anywhere in your clinic or hospital. When you get the results, you can wirelessly send the results to your end-user interface, making it easy to organize all your patient data, digitally. And don't worry - everything is secure with the CardioChek proprietary technology.

  • Stay current with everything you need to monitor your patients' cholesterol levels with our CardioChek test strip selection. Options include glucose, total cholesterol, lipid panel, HDL, and triglycerides. These CardioChek cholesterol test strips can ship to your clinic or medical center in almost any location in the world.

    When you need cholesterol testing equipment and supplies to test patients, MedTek has the products you need. We can supply CardioChek portable blood test systems, CardioChek test strips, and other materials at competitive pricing. To order, click on the items on this page.

    CardioChek Test Strips for PA Professional
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    Fast turn-around time, reliable results. In just two minutes, the CardioChek® PA cholesterol testing system puts the specific patient data you need in-hand. Plus it’s cost-efficient and user-friendly. All of which establishes CardioChek PA as the standard in POC cholesterol testing


    CardioChek ChekMate QC Control Kit
    (1 QC Control Kit)
    ChekMate™ by CardioChek is the next evolution of the CardioChek check strip. This newly designed quality control kit contains 4 specially-configured check strips and 2 MEMo Chips® which allow the user to test up to two devices simultaneously to verify proper performance. This product provides assurance of the optimal functioning of each device testing “window,” and is positioned to complement current PTS Panels® liquid controls to verify daily system performance and document compliance with quality standards. Using this product as part of a complete quality control program provides the added benefit of reducing the need to consume test strips by running liquid controls.




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    The CardioChek analyzer is a fast, portable, and reliable whole blood analyzer. The CardioChek test system includes an analyzer and separately available CardioChek test strips/MEMo Chip®. This test system is intended for in vitro diagnostic use to test whole blood. Using this test system, you can quickly measure various blood components from a small sample size. The CardioChek test system is capable of screening lipids (including Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides) and testing for diabetes and other disease states.

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1 x CardioChek Blood Analyser
2 x CardioChek Check Strips
1 x 3 Test pack of PTS Cholesterol Test Strips
1 x PTS Cholesterol Test MeMo Chip
1 x 3 Test pack of PTS HDL Cholesterol Test Strips
1 x PTS HDL Cholesterol Test MeMo Chip
6 x Pairs of Gloves
2 x AAA Batteries
2 x 3 Packs of Pipettes
8 x Lancets
1 x Pack of Multi-Chemistry Control Solution
1 x Pack HDL Cholesterol Control Solution
10 x Alcohol Swabs
10 x Cotton Gauze or Wool
10 x Band-Aid
1 x Slimline Carry Case