Read these tips before buying a new printer.

Time to Buy a New Printer…

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  • That anonymous photo blogger from Digg claimed he was saving almost eight dollars by buying a new Canon printer with free ink rather than replacement cartridges. Did the new printer have the same amount of ink as the replacement cartridges?

    hese days, buying a new printer can be a daunting task. You have so many options and lots of specs that make sense mostly for the uber-geeks. In this guide, we will try to explain for the average user the how-to’s in buying a printer. If you missed our previous buying guides, do check them now:

  • With prices of basic printers being around $40 - $50 and a ink cartridge being around $20 - $30 each for black AND color. It costs me more to replace the printer's ink than to just buy a brand new printer. This just seems like a total waste of materials though (I have 4 printers sitting in my basement with no ink).

    The is available at Wal-Mart for $44. A combo package of ink for the X2600 currently costs $39.98 at Wal-Mart. It's close, but unless Wal-Mart puts that Lexmark printer on sale you're paying $4 more by buying a new printer instead of ink.

  • Edit: Some background, long ago I bought an Epson printer which I used to print docs etc vary rarely. The ink started running low so I bought to new carts for around $60 if I recall. The printer then stopped working so I replaced the carts with the new ones but the head was dead on the black which was not worth repairing. I bought a new HP printer for $49. This lasted around 1.5yrs and then the ink ran out, I went to buy new carts and the guy at the store got me to buy a new printer (that was smaller, faster, higher dpi, etc) and it was cheaper than replacing the ink. When the ink ran out on that one I bought a new printer again, etc. The printer gets used maybe once a week at most and I never print photos or anything. It normally is jsut stored away unplugged accumulating dust.

want to buy a new printer you have some decisions

My father is a big advocate of “buy a new printer whenever you need ink” policy. (not that I mind, I get really nice printers for freeeeeee) Then I just refill the ink myself, or buy it dirt cheap online. Got 3 printers just sitting in my back room, in case someone needs one.