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You don’t need to have a pool or spa to visit your local pool store. Head on in and ask for some boric acid powder:

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  • Roaches are unpleasant just to look at, but the main concern is they are capable of transmitting diseases. Just one or two of them wouldn’t be too bad, but they don’t come in one or two. If you see one, you probably have a few hundred hidden in the area. There are many ways to eliminate them including expensive exterminators and dangerous toxic chemicals, but you have a cheaper and safer option. You can effectively get rid of them using boric acid roaches powder IF you avoid making these two deadly mistakes that will render your efforts completely useless.

    In a fact sheet published by Rose Mill Co., a manufacturer of boric acid and related products, the history of borate derivatives---including boric acid---is traced back thousands of years to their early use in the Far East and Middle East. At that time, borates were used as a food preservative, antiseptic agent and for cleaning purposes. About 900 A.D. the Chinese began using borax in the pottery glazing process. Marco Polo was the first to introduce borax to the European market. When borax deposits were discovered in Nevada and California's Death Valley, it heralded the beginning of the legendary 20-mule teams that hauled the mined mineral to market. Extracted from those wagon loads of borax was boric acid powder, which proved to be a very versatile chemical compound.

  • With the ready availability of borax in the United States and elsewhere around the world, scientists and laymen quickly found an array of applications for boric acid. Today, boric acid powder is found in such diverse products as glass, fiberglass, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, flame retardants, food preservatives, nutritional supplements, wood preservatives and pesticides.

    Boric acid acts as a “stomach poison” for roaches, ants, silverfish, and other insects listed on the product label. The most common forms of boric acid used in pest control are boric acid bait and dry boric acid powder.

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    The popularity of boric acid powder in pharmaceuticals and folk medicine probably can be credited to its antiseptic properties. It is used widely in such pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications as baby powder, contact lens solution, vaginal remedies, makeup and anti-aging preparations. Boric acid powder also is used in folk remedies to combat everything from athlete's foot to eye infections.

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JT Eaton Boric Acid powder works to kill cockroaches, palmetto bugs, ants, silverfish, fleas and more. Effective against a variety of insects, but is no more toxic to humans and pets than table salt. Pointed applicator tip provides easy application.