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Simply grab color from an existing image and paint it on the black and white photo.

Color Splash Effect

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  • Selective coloring is usually done by turning an entire photograph into a black and white picture with the exception of the areas which the photographer wants to keep colored. This effect is attained by using layers and masks in most modern image editing software like PhotoShop, GIMP and SilverFast. This technique of turning some areas of black and white photographs into color is especially useful when you want to draw viewers attention to a particular area in the image, and not distract him/her with other content of the photograph. Small colorful areas in an otherwise monochrome image immediately draw the viewer’s eye.

    The process of turning a black and white photo into color can be tricky, depending on the photo you’re working with. Adding color is simple. The tricky bit is the selection process. Without any color, objects have a tendency to blend with each other. This tutorial is meant to demonstrate the process of adding color to a black and white photo. While the image I chose to use is a fairly simple example, this method will work on most black and white photos.

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