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Twin Size Playhouse Tent Loft Bed with Slide and Ladder contemporary kids beds

DHP Junior Loft with Slide

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  • A loft bed with a slide is a wonderful addition to a child's bedroom. This style of bed means that their bedroom is no longer a mundane room in which to sleep, but a room to have fun and to take delight in.

    But don’t worry, your little explorer wont be left out because they have camouflage themed bunk beds for your pint-size hero too! This particular bunk bed with slide attachment looks like it was built for great outdoors!

  • First is twin loft tent bed with slide by Donco Kids. As we know, Donco Kids offers the cheap toddler bunk beds which will make your kids enjoy their bedtimes. The bed is equipped with a ladder; a slide and a tent bellow the bed, so your kids will not be easily bored in their room.

    The Princess Castle Loft Bed with Slide by Maxtrix Kids is every little girl's dream come true. In the core of this configuration lies the low loft bed which, by itself, is only 50 inches high (this includes the side rails, but not the tent and tower). This means your little one will sleep/play only about 40 inches off the ground, which is great for safety reasons and is convenient for younger children too. The arrangement also includes the top tent -- a simple wooden construction covered with cloth -- the tower veil, under bed curtain and slide, so your little one can just toboggan into each new day. There is a lot of cloth included here and you'll be interested to know that it's all made of 100% cotton. The tent and under bed curtain feature windows and doors that can actually be opened and closed. In addition to the all pink-and-white arrangement seen in the image above, there are other color combinations available which include blue, purple, green and yellow. Some of these are depicted by images below; click on thumbnails to enlarge. The pictures also show how the bed looks with the angled ladder.

    Blue and White Full Size Playhouse Castle Loft Bed by Maxtrix (375)

    Camelot Castle Low Loft Bed by Maxtrix Kids (390)

    White Camelot Castle Low Loft Bed with Slide by Maxtrix Kids (395)

    Purple and Green Playhouse Castle Loft Bed by Maxtrix (370)

  • Circus Fun Bed with Slide by Maxtrix Kids (blue/red/yellow) (370)

    Navy Blue Castle Bed on Natural w/ slide by Maxtrix Kids (370)

    Blue and Orange Playhouse Castle Loft Bed (370)

    Pink and White Playhouse Castle Loft Bed by Maxtrix (370)

    Where were bunk beds with slides when we were kids!? This combo is easily one of the best marriages of two seemingly unrelated things ever! There aren’t too many kids out there who do not love the playground, and if a child could have one in their bedroom, imagine how eagerly they’ll run off to bed (though it might take them a little longer than anticipated to actually get to sleep!) So, why not make it a win-win situation with a slide-equipped bunk bed? Of course, if you happen to be buying one of these types of beds, there are a few things to consider:

Oates Lofted Bed with Slide and Tent-Color: Multi

The next choice is Coaster bunk bed with slide and tent by Coaster Home Furnishings. Besides Donco, Coaster Home also offers cheap toddler bunk beds with slide, tent, and the guard rails. This bunk bed is very suitable for your kids who like to do an adventure.