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Connect Beats headphones to your music player, or use it as an auxiliary cable to play music in the car from your phone.

Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Gold

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  • You keep saying Beats headphones do not get the attention they could. Here in Northern Germany I know some DJs wearing them. I’d guess they come second right after Sennheiser’s.
    I for myself tried a pair (don’t ask me for their name) but didn’t like them. I’ll stick with my Technics RP-DJ1210E-S which I really love.

    To get a comfortable fit, Beats headphones offer many different sizes of ear buds, so users are sure to get the fit they want. Moreover, The ear buds sit half-on and half-off of users ears, so it does not poke the ears while the thick leather padding provides a higher degree of comfort for prolonged use.

  • In the past, I have tried and failed to obtain Beats headphones to squeeze through the stringent review assault course. But we’re lucky enough to have an old friend working inside Beats, who was more than happy enough to provide us with what we needed. And my friend knows I’m more likely to be tougher because of the connection.

    “When it comes to launching new and exciting electronics such as the new Beats Studio headphones, we want it to be in the biggest (retail) spotlight possible – airports. And airport retail means Capi,” said Sjoerd Pereira, Sales Manager of Penhold BV, which distributes Beats in the Benelux region.

    The new Beats Studio headphones have a more streamlined look and features adaptive Noise Cancelling, RemoteTalk and comes with a 20-hour rechargeable battery

  • Crystal Rocked, the manufacturer who manages to make out of ordinary gadgets , now has crafted the famous Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones plated with 24 carat gold in its Collectors Series. This great headphones took six months to be created. The gadget is featured with Beats Studio high definition powered isolation and is equipped with the monster cable, which is 1.3 meters long and can be easily fit in any phone like iPhone, Blackberry and other music phones.

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The Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD is mostly well known by its high quality performance, comfortable bit, remote control as well as its above average price, since the Beats solo HD headphone are mean to be a lighter but heavier version of virtual studio, so having a sophisticate and powerful inner structure is what it made the price a bit higher than normal HD headphones. Beats Solo HD are generally made for music lover, and that is perhaps one of the reason that you might see it a lot on the streets since everyone wanted to be like a musician or at least share similar quality sound where you are in the studio and this is how this product become so influencial nowadays. Talk about the sound performance, the Beat HD headphone delivers crystal clear high pitch and low deep sound all in HD, each pair have been strictly tested which to ensure that durability as well as flexibility have to pass the test in order to sound authentic. If you are currently having an iPhone, iPod or even MP3 player which requires a high quality headphone device, then this will be best that I can recommend you, as today!