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I have a EZ-go golf cart that is powered by 6 six volt batteries. When it not being used it's left on the charger. Sometimes I find that the …

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  • Overall I’m really pleased with the Trojan 6 Volt Batteries RV Install and would recommend them to anyone looking for a little more off-grid capacity.

    People ask us every day, why 6 volt RV battery? And why are two 6 volt deep cycle batteries better than two 12 volt batteries?
    A 6 volt battery for RV is actually a golf cart battery because they have thicker plates inside than a 12 volt deep cycle battery.
    With a thicker battery plate, the 6 volt battery is able to deliver more long term energy and sustain deep discharging and recharging.
    If your RV lifestyle is traveling park to park then 12 v deep cycle battery with 80 – 100 amp hours will work fine. But if you camp in remote places and need as much stored energy as possible, you should use two, four or even six 6 volt batteries = 225 ah & 450 ah respectively.

  • Crown Battery – Direct Replacement for 6 volt Battery for RV. Crown deep cycle batteries have the thickest plates in the industry for longer life, with 10-20% more Lead than ANY other manufacturer. This is the standard (GC-2/T-105 size) 220 amp-hour size battery. The Crown CR-220 deep cycle batteries come with dual terminals, so you can use standard SAE automotive connectors or bolt on connections.

    *Unit Price for Crown 6 Volt Battery for RV for Sale: * with exchange
    (Cores are required to void core charge of $15) Crown Battery D06220

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    Replace your 6 volt battery with the 8 volt battery for greater starting power. Your voltage output will need to be adjusted to (8.9-9.4). For those of you with rare and expensive replacement bubls or radio, you should use a resistor. We have the resistors too.

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Trojan 6 volt Pacer Deep Cycle Battery is manufactured by Trojan as an OEM battery. It is not as robust as the T-105 but is a good value for $75 ea and a better value than the costco 6 volt battery
*(Cores are required to void core charge of $15)
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